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Performance of services, the quality thereof and the speed at which they are delivered is so critical to your success that we have developed a performance guarantee.

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Sheila Jama

Paralegal, Foreign Patents

"Efficient and thorough - that's how I describe the Brunet team of experts."

Sheila Jama
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BASF - Patents Attorney

"Our go-to advisors for Canadian Intellectual Property are Brunet & Co.

Lorenzo Ferrari
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Senior Product Designer

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Our Service Commitment

We are committed to providing you with the highest caliber of professional service available.  

In preparing a patent application for a new invention, we will first discuss the features of the invention with you and suggest an approach to obtaining patent protection.  We will also ascertain whether or not the subject matter of your invention is the same as that of any other client we represent.  

Conflict of Interest
In the rare event that there is a conflict with another client or the invention is outside our areas of technical understanding, we will inform you and suggest you obtain alternate counsel.  We then normally provide an estimate of the amount of time required to prepare an application and the associated cost.  We also provide an indication of the time frame required for providing you with a first draft of the application.  Once you instruct us to proceed, we strive to meet our cost estimate within the time frame provided.  Occasionally, during the course of preparing the patent application it becomes apparent that the estimated cost and/or time frame will be exceeded; in these instances, we will communicate with you and seek approval to exceed the estimate. 

Patent Preparation
In preparing the patent application, we rely upon the search results and commentary on the prior art provided by you.  If you do not have any prior art to provide or wish us to supplement the search results, you may instruct us to perform additional searching.  Searches
are normally estimated and invoiced separately from patent applications.  

Of course, conducting searches does not provide any guarantee of patentability and additional prior art pertinent to the invention may be found by the patent office or by others at a later date. 

Forms Preparation
We prepare any forms required for filing the application on the basis of information provided by you as to the identity of inventors, their legal names, addresses, citizenship, etc.  If you wish for the invention to be assigned to a corporation or other legal entity, you must instruct us to prepare an assignment document and provide us with all necessary information to do so.  

After obtaining signatures on any documents required for filing, we will file the application in the countries you have specified.  We normally file patent applications and related documents electronically and will report the filing to you in a timely manner after confirmation has been received.  We file all Canadian patent applications on a large entity basis unless instructed otherwise by you in writing.  

We submit any official filing fees required by the Patent Office on your behalf and itemize those disbursements on our invoice to you.  You will normally be invoiced upon filing the completed patent application.

After filing, there are often a number of tasks to be completed.  Correspondence is received from and sent to the patent office(s) in which the application was filed, and all of this correspondence will be reported to you in a timely fashion.  In the event that you are required to do something in response to this correspondence, our report to you will clearly indicate the deadline for reply.  

When it is necessary to pay an official fee to the patent office, we will normally pay that fee on your behalf and subsequently invoice you.  In certain instances, we may request funds from you in advance and will do so well before the deadline.  

These activities may incur an administrative charge, a professional time charge, or both, depending on the nature of the activity and will be billed at periodic intervals as convenient.
Official Action
Upon receiving an official Office Action on the merits of the case, we will report to you in a timely fashion along with any initial observations.  You will have the opportunity to decide whether or not to reply to the Office Action and we will ask for any technical input you may have on its content.  You will be provided with a copy of all Office Action responses and will be invoiced for the professional and/or
administrative time required to complete the response.

Maintenance Fees
In most jurisdictions, maintenance fees are required periodically on issued patents (and on pending applications in Canada).  You will be advised of any upcoming maintenance fees in advance of their due date and given the opportunity to pay the fee or abandon the case.  In this manner, you will at all times be in control of the on-going costs of your patent portfolio. 

Professional Services
From time to time, you may ask us to engage in professional activities related to your patent portfolio that are not specifically addressed above.  We will execute these activities in a timely manner with the same high standard of professionalism and accountability.